Eric, The Impaler.
frontman of THIS

Eric, The Impaler.

frontman of THIS

Here we are, Our newest album : Tart Touch Frustration is done, after passionate, amusing, hard work it’s finally out, with 12 tracks
01-The Devil’s Nest
02-Porn To Be Wild
03-As We’re Rolling
05-Lethal Substitute
07-Love Be A Vulture Tonight
08-Dyslexic Elefant
09-Gravity Always Wins
10-Stupid People Hattery
11-You Are The Muppets We Are Tsp
12-Goodbye You Vampyre Scum
TTF is under an independant release, the whole thing was written, performed, recorded, mastered by The Strings Pullers. it was one hell of a journey.
stick around for the lyrics, stories behind the songs and other stuffs
Anyway we wish you all a very good listen. thank you.


Queens of the Stone Age - I Appear Missing (Calling all comas)

The Strings Pullers

Since we’re having sex with gloom and liquids and medication so our second album can spring, you can freely listen to the first one.